Respondus LDB: Error; Respondus Lockdown Browser license has expired. Unable to Continue


Student receives the error "Respondus Lockdown Browser license has expired. Unable to continue" when launching Respondus Lockdown Browser.


We no longer have the Respondus Lockdown Browser product. Instructors should remove RLB from all assessments.

To remove Respondus Lockdown Browser settings on assessments:

1. Under Course Tools in the Course Management area, select "Respondus Lockdown Browser."
2. In the Respondus Lockdown Browser Dashboard, select the downward pointing chevron on the left side of the test title, for each test which indicates "Required" in the Lockdown Browser column.
3. Choose "Modify Settings" from the drop down menu.
4. In Lockdown Browser Settings, select "Don't require Respondus Lockdown Browser for this exam."
5. Click "Save and Close" button.

Make sure to add the instructor's name and course name to the Instructors Effected by Respondus Lockdown Browser Google Sheet.

mm 09/12/17
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