Emergency Access to Collaborate Ultra_Instructor

You and/or your students are unable to access your Collaborate session because you cannot get into Blackboard.

Contact 24/7 Support at 1-855-789-7053 or http://umb.echelp.org

Blackboard Learn and Collaborate Ultra run on two separate servers. Collaborate Ultra can be working when Blackboard Learn is not.

The support technician will do the following:
  • Ask you if you need access to the main course room, or a created session.
  • Edit the room/session you need access to so Guest Access is as Moderator.
  • Copy Guest Link
  • Email the guest link to you
  • Remind you of the privileges your students will have with the link and how you can manage that.

  • Future Use of Link:

    If you are concerned about the students using this link in the future, you can edit the room after the session (once your access to Blackboard returns) and close Guest Access by deselecting the box to the left of Guest Access.

    Note: We recommend that you copy and paste this link in a file on your PC or a draft email. In the case that Blackboard is not able to be accessed, you still can access Collaborate Ultra by using the guest link and providing it to students.

    Providing Guest Access to Students:
    Please don't provide the guest link to your students unless in an emergency situation, as the link you will provide allows all who use it to enter the Collaborate room in Moderator mode, and using any name they chose. If you desire, you can demote them back to participant upon entry to the room.
    Send the instructions below to your students.

    Instructions to Join Collaborate Ultra as a Guest:
    Someone not enrolled in the course or unable to log into Blackboard Learn may join a Collaborate Ultra session by using a link provided by the instructor.

  • Paste URL provided by the instructor in Chrome or Firefox browser
  • Enter your Full Name
  • Click the Join Session button

  • Please see attached PDF for your reference.

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    Emergency Access to a Collaborate Session_Instructors.pdf