Accessing Blackboard Collaborate with Phone and PIN using Guest Link without a computer


If a person doesn't have access to a computer, how to access Blackboard collaborate?


We found a way of giving phone access to the Collaborate room for REHAB 602. We logged in using the guest link with the the name of the person needing access and got the guest access phone number and pin, Send the phone and PIN details to the student. Then that person would call the number, and enter the PIN followed by the # key, and was logged into the room. If nobody else is in the room at the time you test it, you won’t hear anything to be sure audio is working. Stay logged in as guest for the duration of the session.

Unfortunately, this number/pin combo will only work for one person at a time. We tried calling in on another phone after being called in as and the call was rejected. Also, this will probably not work if someone else logs in using the guest link and pulls a call in for audio number between now and the class meeting time, so if you can avoid using the guest link for the class, that would be great.

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