Turnitin: grademark assignments viewable and editing dates

Can you help me determine the best way to have assignments so students can submit a file in Word, I can offer comments and feedback and then EITHER enter a grade (they are done) OR send it back to them to revise and resubmit without losing the initial comments. When I tried this with Turnitin, I then did not get notifications when they were resubmitted AND the new grade area ended up averaging the grades.


You can try these options when you create/edit a Turnitin assignment:
  1. On the Turnitin assignment page make sure to select "File upload" from the "Submission Method" list, so that students upload a file.
  2. Use the draft workflow, since some students will be submitting papers more than once. This will avoid a match with the student's first draft.
  3. You'll also want to set "Allow late submissions" to "No" and be sure to wait until the due date for the assignment has passed before grading and making comments. The reports are overwritten when students submit a new paper.

Alternatively, if you want to start grading before the due date, you can change the setting so that only one report is generated, and the first report would be final. This setting is under "Assignment,"
"Report generation speed" change the option to "Immediately, first report is final." You could also accept late submissions that way.

Still an Issue:
I did this and my students cannot see their feedback. Being concerned it had something to do with grading, I then made the Draft assignment worth 1 point, and they still cannot see my Grademark feedback.
These are the directions I gave my students, but they still could not see it:

I made a number of tweaks on the back end; can you take one more look via Deliverables > Draft Design Document > (open your paper view in Turnitin) and then see the GradeMark tab on the upper left.

None of the 4 students who I entered for can see them. They reported:
"the little pencil icon where we are supposed to see the "Grademark" is greyed out. When I click on my document submission, I can only view originality, and the Grademark and Peermark buttons are disabled."

Ok, the students will not see the comments until the post date which is set for 15 Nov 2015 08:12. They will see the grade only, because you have Reveal grades immediately set to yes, but they won't see the comments until the post date.

Problem: How I can change it. Where can I adjust dates?

They can submit late (as it is a draft) but I want those who have submitted and gotten the “1” point to see the comments. Where can I change that?

Solution: To edit dates and total points allowed;
1. Click the "View Assignment" link for the Turnitin assignment.
2. To edit the dates or total points for the assignment, click the click the pencil "Edit Parts" icon to the right at the top of the page (see screen cap).
3. Click on the date picker icons to adjust the due dates and post dates (post date must be after due date), and be sure to change "Grade Total" from 0 to 1.
4. Next, click Update Parts.