Respondus LDB: Error: Webcam Not Detected or Adobe Flash Player Settings Issue in Respondus LockDown Browser

Problem: Student receives warning that the webcam is not detected or there are problems configuring Adobe Flash Player settings:

1. Close down all applications that might use a webcam.

2. Start Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.

3. Go to

4. Run the external webcam check, including adjusting the setting for the Adobe Flash Player. Select "Allow & Remember". Then, in the Adobe Flash Player settings window, there are several small icons. Click on the camera icon on the far right and ensure you have the right camera selected. Never select anything labeled "splitter" or "filter". After this is done, click "Close".

5. If problems persist, go to the Windows Control Panel (Windows) or System Preferences (Mac) and select "Flash Player". Then select "Camera and Mic tab" then, "Camera and Microphone settings by site..." and add "" as an "Allowed" site.

6. If problems still persist and MacAfee Anti-virus is running, see RLB knowledge base article at

mmm Updated 2/6/17