Grade Center: Printing Graded Assignments with Inline Comments

Problem: Students can't print paper with inline comments

Solution: The document must be opened with Adobe Reader; the comments will not show if it is opened through the built-in PDF reader in the browser.

1. Download and install the free adobe Reader at:
2. Navigate to the assignment and click the download icon.
3. Choose option to Download Annotated PDF
4. File will download through the browser. Locate the downloaded file in the directory (Show in Folder), right-click the file and choose "Open With Adobe Reader", or "Open with ..." and select Adobe Reader from the list of programs.
5. Go to Print and choose option for Summarize Comments.
Making Adobe Reader the default program for PDF viewing will open it automatically in the Reader every time.


1. Locate the file in the finder
2. Right-click and choose "Other" at the bottom
3. Select the desired program from the list
4. Check option to "Always Open With"
5. Open

On PC:

1. Locate file in the folder
2. Right-click and choose "Open With..."
3. Select the desired program
4. Check option for "Always use the selected program..."
5. OK.

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