Respondus LDB: How to set an exception for a student without a webcam

Problem: Student was unaware they needed a web camera for tests because instructor uses Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor

1. Copy the test in Tests, Surveys and Pools
2. Deploy the test in the appropriate content area
3. Set the test to require Respondus LockDown Browser but not monitor
4. Set the test to be available for a date that has passed
5. Set an availability exception for the student to open at the same date and time as the other test

Now only the student with the availability exception will be able to see the test that does not require the webcam.

*Best Practice: Include the requirement of a web camera in the syllabus and provide students with a short Practice Exam before the first real test to ensure there are no connectivity problems.
Creation date: 5/4/2016 4:23 PM ()      Updated: 10/9/2016 4:16 PM ()