ECHO360: video fails on iOS and OSX

Problem: Apple iOS and OSX Safari users will see a blank screen when following LTI links in Blackboard to Echo360.

Root Cause:
This happens if Blackboard forces the LTI link to launch within an iframe in the user’s browser instead of opening in a new window. Safari’s handling of Echo360 X-Frame Header settings prevents any Echo360 content from loading inside an iframe.

Solution: Apple users either need to accept cookies from Echo360 or Blackboard must be configured to launch LTI links in a new window or tab.

To enable cookies:
1) From your Home screen, go to Settings à Safari.
2) For iOS 8 and 9: set Block Cookies to Always Allow. For iOS 7: set Block Cookies to Never.

1) In Safari, click Safari a Preferences
2) Select Privacy
3) Set Block Cookies to Never

mm 5/16/16

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