Netiquette for Online Discussion Forums

Students are not taking public or course wide online learning Q&A or discussion areas seriously (examples: Piazza, Discussions, Blogs, Wikis).
Their conduct or comments are disruptive and not relevant to the course or course materials.

Use this kind of information as an annoucement or add it to the syllabus. Post it at the top of the forum and email it to all students.
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Checklist for Students
This could be pasted into your own rubric for Discussion Forums:
  • Remember the human behind the computer screen. Keep in mind that each message is from a person with thoughts and feelings much like your own (Shea, 2004).
  • It is appropriate to disagree with a peer’s response, but do so in a professional manner (Sull, 2014).
  • Follow the same standards of behavior that you subscribe to offline. Although it may seem like one can get away with more online, a lower standard of ethics is not acceptable (Shea, 2004). Keep in mind that all online communication is documented and therefore permanent.
  • Try to stay calm and do not get offended easily. If you feel the need to send an angry message, take a break. If you write the message out, do not send it immediately. Save it. Then, look at it later and try to rewrite it with a milder tone.
  • Always read over your post before hitting “Submit” (Sull, 2014).

Sample Breaches of Netiquette
  • Using slang, poor grammar, and other informal language in Discussion Forums or email messages to professors or classmates.
  • Sending inappropriate links or photos.
  • Typing in all caps.
  • Not responding to Forums by the due date, which leaves no time for peers to comment on your response.
  • Going long periods of time without checking your NC State email (the general expectation is to check it at least once per day Monday through Friday).
  • “Flaming” others in Discussion Forums. Flaming is the act of responding in a highly critical, sarcastic, or ridiculing manner – especially if done on a personal level. Remember that these discussions are meant for constructive exchanges and learning.
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