Turnitin: Error "Loading Error This paper is not available Error M14:11"


Some faculty/students may see an error message which states: "Loading Error This paper is not available Error M14:11" when trying to open a paper from the Submission Inbox.


The error can be caused by multiple reasons, such as internet connectivity issue or server issue, etc. This is also sometimes caused from student using vector images in their papers.


If you experience this issue, the following are the available options:

The Faculty/student should return to the document, open it and save it in a different format before re-submitting the assignment. When re-submitting, it may be useful to upload a version of the paper in a different document type. If, for example the paper is a Microsoft Word (.docx) file type, it may be better to open the document and then re-save it with a Word 97-2003 .doc file type or a pdf file type. This may improve the chances of the paper being processed correctly.

If the assignment added the paper to the Repository, it is possible on re-submission that the user will receive a 100% match.

Note: It is important to note that the original submission date and time will be overwritten when re-submitting. If the due date for the assignment has already passed, the resubmitted paper will appear as 'late' (highlighted in red) in the Submission Inbox. Students are advised to contact the lecturers or tutors before re-submitting if the due date has passed.

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