CogBooks: Setting Up the Web Link for a CogBooks Course



Faculty will be using CogBooks in her/his course and needs the web link set up.


CogBooks is already set up with UMOL.

To create the web link within the course:

1. Navigate to the content area that the CogBooks link will be placed.
2. Under Build Content choose Web Link
3. Fill out fields with the following information
  1. Name: A title of your choosing for Section 1
  2. Add URL. (Ask the Faculty for this web address. CogBooks provides this to faculty)
  3. Click the checkbox that says choose “This link is a Tool Provider “
  4. Enable Evaluation
  5. Set points to 0. (The faculty can set this later)
  6. Set Open in New Window (Under web link options): Yes
  7. Click on Submit to save the above changes
4. Test the link.
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