Media Services in different UMass Boston buildings


Stephen Siteman- Day Supervisor @617-287-76562 Provides services and equipment to University Hall (All the room in this building have a resident pc in it, it should have wifi as well)
Rosa Oculto-Day Supervisor @617-287-5965 Provides services and equipment to McCormack and Science building ( The room you are in is a level 1-Tech meaning it only have a DVD/VRC combo or Blue Ray DVD in it with a projector)
Vivian Tran manages Snowden auditorium and it does have an AV cart(resident pc and DocCam) on the stage and a I-clicker base also wifi equipped. If you need any help in Snowden please feel free to contact me for a tutorial or try out REEF in the room. My phone is 617-287-5913. I will be in for the winter session from 8-3:30pm , the office is open to 4PM any of my staff can assist you as well.
For future use you can go here to get help with us on the web

MLFM 16/17 Winter
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