Accessing Enterprise Survey Results for Instructors

Accessing Enterprise Survey Results for Instructors
If enterprise survey results have been made available to instructors, then instructors can access the results using the instructions below:
Accessing Survey Results, Part 1

Log into your Blackboard course and you will see a heading similar to the one above with the following text: The results from this course for the survey name have been made available for your analysis. To access the results, click the View Results button.
Accessing Survey Results, Part 2

You will now see a screen like the one above labeled Analyze Survey Results.
1. Response Periods: Check the response periods you wish to view
2. Compare Responses By: (No Comparison Needed, Response Periods, Demographics, All Courses I Teach, Specified Survey Question) Choose the parameters for comparing the results. To view results for the specific course only, choose No Comparison Needed.
3. When Finished, click the View Results button at the bottom of the page.
Viewing and Printing Survey Results

You will now see the survey report for the selected course. To print the report:

1. Hover over the Print Report button
2. Select Printable View with Comments
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