Why can't I see my students names on the REEF Polling Roster?

Creating an LTI external tool link in Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace by D2L, Moodle, or Sakai enables you to easy sync students’ REEF scores with your LMS gradebook. The process does require a little help from your students–and this may be the issue. To establish a “handshake” between REEF and your school’s LMS, your students must click the REEF-association link from your LMS course.

You can see at a glance which students have clicked on the link by looking at the LMS Connection column of your REEF gradeboook. Those who have clicked the link will have a green dot next to their names. Those who haven’t will be reminded to use it when you click “Sync Scores to LMS”–these are the students who aren’t seeing their points in the LMS. So you’ll want to ask students (without the green dot) to click the REEF link from your LMS course. Students can click the REEF-association link at any time during the semester, and if they continue using it for future sessions they will be automatically logged into REEF through single sign-on (SSO).
If students have gone through these steps and you are still not seeing their names, have them contact support@iclicker.com.

Note: Students using iClickers do not have to purchase a REEF Polling subscription. Note that without an active REEF Polling subscription, students will not have the option to use their mobile devices to vote nor will they be able to view the course session history.

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